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The attorneys at Robichaux, Mize, Wadsack, Richardson & Watson, L.L.C., have concentrated in the practice of real estate transactions for over 40 years. Attention to detail, prompt service, competitive fees, and plain language are the attributes of our real estate practice and our attorneys continue to respond to those in need of professional and expedient service.

Our firm represents a wide array of clients in the commercial market across the State of Louisiana, including landowners, potential purchasers, and commercial banks and other financial institutions. These clients range from individuals pursuing their first commercial opportunity to sophisticated companies seeking to acquire large commercial developments. To date, we have handled real estate transactions on a multitude of major transactions, including the acquisition of a 65,000 acre tract in South Louisiana and the development of multiple industrial sites in Southwest Louisiana related to the recent petrochemical and natural gas liquefaction boom. We are also routinely involved in multi-site, multi-state transactions on behalf of the major national title insurers, including First American Title Insurance, Chicago Title Insurance Company, Stewart Title Insurance Company and Old Republic Title Insurance Company.

In addition to commercial real estate, we are pleased to represent those in the residential real estate industry. Our firm provides settlement services for a multitude of mortgage lenders, relocation companies and individuals either selling, purchasing or refinancing their most important possession. In addition to over 100 years of legal experience, we have an extensive title plant, two full-time abstractors, and a knowledgeable support staff to save our clients time and expense

Robichaux, Mize, Wadsack, Richardson & Watson Attorneys with Real Estate Transactions Expertise

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